The founder 🦋



Let me introduce myself, my name is Sylvie (Sylvia is my childhood nickname).

I have always loved precious stones, they have always fascinated me. I believe in their energetic properties, I love the feeling of well-being and harmony they give me...

Since 2013, I have been a breast cancer survivor.🎗️ I love spending time with my family, friends and recharging my batteries through meditation, gemstones and nature, to recharge my batteries.

I developed a real passion for creating jewelry. In 2021, I started business launch training and then my entrepreneurial adventure began.❣️

My jewelry is created and inspired by current styles and trends. They are hypoallergenic and made with durable materials, therefore more ecological. ♻️ 

Fine stones can be used as a therapeutic supplement and volcanic stones can be used as an essential oil diffuser.

My creations allow us to assert ourselves, express ourselves, highlight ourselves, enhance our outfits and above all, have fun!!!

Let yourself shine!✨



💚 Heart : Self-love.
🦋 Butterfly : Evolution, transformation and rebirth.
🌸 Flower: Hope and fulfillment.
🌿 Green : It's the color of hope. It is a symbol of growth, health, freshness and nature. It represents stability, balance and luck.


My jewelry is all proudly handmade, with care and love in Quebec, Canada.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and trust!!!

Sylvie Larocque, founder and creator of Sylvia L Designs.🦋

👉 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me, I will be happy to help you.🥰